Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Blogging? Again?

I have been blogging as Indygal for 11 years on and off. And for the last few years I've been saying I'm going to restart. And I do. Then I stop again. It's harder to blog these days when you've 'got to' check Facebook, Twitter (3 accounts or pages on each, private messages and public), text messages, emails (3 email addresses) and the news before you can do anything other than get out of bed.

Yes I know nobody HAS to do that and it's something I'm working on because if I'm honest, I think I'm in danger of becoming addicted (maybe you should check if you are too). It's not that it's an 'addiction' I enjoy although sometimes I do. It's more that I feel if I don't check absolutely everything, I could miss something of monumental importance and ... well I don't know what I think the 'and' could be. All I know is there are days when I finally finish checking and realise it's lunchtime. I can't afford too many of those days.

So to add on a BLOG of all things?! Something you have to actually think about before publishing? It's madness.

The reason I'm doing it again is because I have an incredibly busy life. I'm lucky. I resent it sometimes but mostly I appreciate how fortunate I am to have so much going on and such a variety of experiences. Trouble with that is you tend to forget what you've done, who you've met, etc. I love reading my Indygal goes to Sri Lanka blog that I wrote when I spent 3 months working out there. If you ask me what I did I could tell you half a dozen things because you can't remember everything - unless you keep a diary. Or a blog!

So, I want to remember and savour and learn from every experience I have in this life and that's why I'm doing this blog again. I'll be really happy if some of my posts are read and somebody likes them but if not, I'll be happy just to keep writing all of this for myself.

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